table tennis equipment

Table Tennis Equipment

Ping-pong, also called table tennis, is an indoor game that includes two to four players hitting a little plastic ball forward and backward much like a smaller than usual round of tennis. It is a rapid amusement that requires monstrous focus and brisk reflexes. Table tennis was embraced as an Olympic game in 1988, however, it has been around for any longer. Points are scored when an adversary can’t restore a ball to the next player.

With a specific end goal to play table tennis, you will require a few table tennis equipment: a table tennis table, two table tennis paddles, a net, and a table tennis ball.


Table Tennis Equipment:

Table Tennis Equipment (Table):

A regular table tennis table is nine feet long by 5 feet wide. It sits 30 creeps off the floor and is built from Masonite and covered with a unique surface that keeps the ball from backing off because of rubbing. The covering is typically green or water in shading.

however, other worthy hues exist, for example, dark. dividing the table into equal parts is a white net that takes after a tennis net. It rises 6 inches from the surface of the table. Most table tennis tables will bend into equal parts at the net, considering simple stockpiling. You can find the Best ping pong table of 2019 from here.

table tennis equipment

Table Tennis Equipment (Paddle):

The table tennis paddle or racket is developed of overlaid hardwood. The two appearances of the paddle are secured with a finished elastic surface. It is this surface that enables the player to apply particular movements with the paddle when striking the ball to impact the course and turn of the ball. Numerous paddles will have distinctive surfaces or elastic mixes connected to either side of the racket with the goal that a player can expand his or her choices for ball return.

Paddle utilized in the rivalry will have one side shrouded in a red rubber covering and the opposite side canvassed in dark. This helps both the player and rival know which side of the paddle the ball was hit with. Since the elastic composition is distinctive on each side, the ball will respond contrastingly to a hit. There might be more turn or less speed when hitting from one side of the racket than the other.

table tennis equipment

Table Tennis Equipment (Ball):

The table tennis ball is a little, round, empty plastic ball that estimates 40 mm in distance across. This is a change from the beforehand acknowledged 38 mm measure. Which was quicker and spun all over more promptly in competition. Table tennis balls are for the most part white, however, they are made in an assortment of hues keeping in mind the end goal to be seen against various hued table tennis tables.

All together for a ping-pong ball to be utilized in a composed rivalry. The ball should skip to roughly 23 cm from a 30 cm drop. Anything outside this standard will be refused. Table tennis balls come in an assortment of characteristics, each set apart with an unmistakable arrangement of stars.

A three-star ball is of the most astounding quality. regular balls weigh 2.7 grams. However, bring down quality balls may weigh marginally pretty much. The heaviness of the ball will influence the manner in which it responds to the player’s racket and strategy.

Brendan Middleton is an ardent Table Tennis fan who appreciates sharing the information he has created with different players. For more extraordinary tips and exhortation on table tennis equipment, visit

table tennis equipment

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Ping Pong Techniques

how To Get Good At Ping Pong

How to Get Good at Ping Pong

How to Get Good at Ping Pong

There are many tutorials on how to get good at Ping Pong that target basic play or terribly advanced play, nonetheless there are hardly any that help players go from a basic level to being competitive. The intended audiences for this instructable are folks that have already perfected the fundamentals of Ping-Pong and have the will to require their skills to succeeding level.

This can teach you ways to make a serve which will force your opponent to play into your strengths, the way to build your opponent pay for leaving the ball too high within the air, the way to return a ball with a great deal of spin thereon, and a general strategy to stay in mind whereas playing.

How to Get Good at Ping Pong

Tips on How to Get Good at Ping Pong:

  1. Understand What Spin is on the Ball:

The key to getting this necessary ability in Ping-Pong is to rigorously watch your opponent’s racket once it makes contact with the ball.

If your opponent’s racket is moving from:

  • Low to high ― the spin is topspin

  • High to low ― the spin is backspin

  • Their left to right ― the spin is right sidespin

  • Their right to left ― the spin is left sidespin


  1. Catch Up on the Spin Along with your Racket Angle:

How to Catch Up on the Spin Along with your Racket Angle

  • If topspin, angle your leading racket face down and make contact with the ball higher than its center

  • If backspin, angle your leading racket go about and make contact with the ball below its center

  • While holding your racket at the prompt angle, stroke gently forward. Solely once you have developed a feel for the spin must you stroke the ball with a lot of force?

  • If right sidespin, angle your leading racket face to the right and make contact with the ball to the left of its mid-line

  • If left sidespin, angle your leading racket face to the left and make contact with the ball to the correct of its mid-line


  1. Use your whole Body after you Stroke your Forehand:

Make sure that you just rotate your hips and shoulders backward throughout the backswing then forward into the ball as you stroke your forehand. This motion is coordinated with a transfer of your weight from the rear foot to the front foot.

The tougher you hit your forehand, the more forceful your weight transfer should be. A typical forehand mistake is to use solely your arm to hit the ball that severely limits your power and consistency.


  1. Maintain a Decent prepared Position:

A well-prepared position is balanced and prepares your body to maneuver instantly in any direction. Use it once getting ready to come back serves and between strokes.

The basic sequence of a Ping-Pong rally is:

  • Put yourself in a very decent prepared position

  • Move to the ball along with your feet, staying balanced

  • Stroke the ball

  • Return to your prepared position

  • Repeat B, C, and D till the rally ends


  1. Train your Strokes till they’re Automatic:

When you 1st learn a new Ping-Pong ability, you utilize loads of motivation to formulate a transparent mental image of however the stroke appearance and feels. Once this mental image is comparatively correct, you ought to then follow that ability repeatedly until you no longer need to rely on the way to get it on. This is often your automatic stage.

Your best performance will come after you play on automatic and you do not analyze your ability. You only let it happen naturally.


How to Get Good at Ping Pong


  1. Use your own Ping-Pong Racket:

It is necessary to induce your own racket and use it completely. Each racket has its own feel and enjoying characteristics, and you’ll profit greatly by using only 1 racket, therefore, you’re not continuously attempting to adapt to a different/new one.

Also, take excellent care of your racket; treat it with respect. Keep it in a very case once you’re not using it. If you’re using inverted sponge rubber (smooth surface), you must wash it with soap and water or a special racket cleaner once each use.


  1. Develop Sidespin Serves:

Few beginner Ping-Pong players use sidespin on their serves; whereas, prime players use sidespin on nearly each serves. Sidespin is sort of continuously combined with either spin or backspin; pure sidespin is very rare in Ping-Pong.

Significantly helpful may be an aspect spin/backspin serve that’s low to net and bounces double on the opposite side of the table. This kind of service can seriously limit your opponent’s serve come back options.


  1. Keep your Returns Low over the Net:

In general, the lower over the net you place your shots, the less angle your opponent will use and also the tougher it’s for them to hit it with power. The one exception to this is that if you utilize lobs, you’ll wish to position the ball terribly high over the net (and as near to the tip of the table as possible).


  1. Practice over you Compete:

Practice refers to all or any the time you pay developing your Ping-Pong game by concentrating on some aspect(s) you wish to strengthen. The first objective throughout practice is to develop your game. On the opposite hand, after you vie, your main objective ought to be to win, to not work on some part of your game. It’s necessary to play practice games wherever the target is to mix in a very new ability or maneuver into a match-like scenario before you vie.

The stress for these practice games remains in development, not winning. And after you do vie, despite the fact that your main goal is on winning, you’ll still learn loads concerning your skills and ways by analyzing your matches once they’re over.


  1. Get a Ping-Pong Training/Practice Partner(s):

To really advance your game, it’s necessary to seek out others with similar goals and enjoying levels and practice/train with them. A Ping-Pong club could be a good spot to try and do this. Most clubs have players of all completely different playing levels. Realize somebody at the same playing level as yourself and attempt to practicing/training along on a daily, consistent basis. You must sporadically assess your progress by playing with players at the next level.


How to Get Good at Ping Pong



Also, most clubs have a Ping-Pong coach who will help improve your game greatly.

Another practice/training partner choice could be a Ping-Pong robot. several Ping-Pong clubs have robots to practice and train with, otherwise, you can get one for your home and be able to practice and train anytime you wish, for as long as you want!

Ping Pong Strategies

Ping Pong Strategies

Need to raise your game to new heights? Here are 9 of the best ping pong strategies you can use to dominate your adversaries:

9 Best Ping Pong Strategies:

Ping Pong Strategies

  1. Mix Up Serves of Various Length & Spin:

Some samples of advanced serves embody medium-long, deep, short, down-the-line, pure spin, pure speed, etc. Serves to the elbow tend to be terribly effective since the receiver should quickly decide (and usually doesn’t in time) to use a forehand or backhand.

  1. Develop a Third-Ball Attack:

This can be wherever you serve, the receiver receives, and you nail one sure a winner. An example may be a short spin serve, followed by an extended push, then a strong loop.

  1. Attack Whenever You’ll be Able to:

Totally on an extended serve. It’s been proved that the player to open the offense most frequently sometimes wins the point, set, and match.

  1. Keep your eyes Totally on the Opponent’s Paddle once Receiving a Serve?

If you have ever seen World Champion Jan-Ove Waldner play, you’ll be able to see that he makes a fast glimpse at however high the ball is tossed, then watches backtrack to the racket. If you keep your eyes on the ball, the server can baffle you together with his deceptions.

  1. Mix up your returns once receiving:

Most players too typically tend to push, permitting their opponents to start out the offense. Combining up loops, drives, pushes, chops, etc. provides for wonderful variation and a baffled opponent.

  1. Choose your Equipment Wisely:

If you’re prepared for Ping-Pong equipment, begin with a medium-fast blade (rather than fast). A medium-fast blade permits you to rely more on technique than on equipment to induce the ball over the net. It’ll additionally give optimum management.

The foremost necessary consideration for a blade, however, is that it provides good “feeling.” As for rubber try and get the “beginner” types for the start. The explanation for this can be as a result of beginner rubbers are designed with less spin and speed, and this interprets into easier returns of spiny balls.

Attempting to return a sidespin serve will be a hair-pulling expertise for a beginner if he/she uses a very spiny rubber.

  1. Forehands are the Way to Go:

To hit forehands where you’re on the table, you may get to develop good side-to-side footwork. However it ne’er hurts to figure more on your backhand so your opponent will not understand what hit him/her after you blast that down the road backhand smash!

The most effective players are invariably two-winged or having the ability to attack nearly equally well on each hand.

  1. Find Some Cool Serves to Experiment with:

Examples embrace a high, serious backspin serve that bounces on your aspect close to the net, on the opponent’s aspect close to the net, and goes back over to your aspect.

Otherwise, you will approach twenty feet to the aspect of the table and, standing sideways, nail the ball on the aspect in order that it arcs back to the table and opponent. Not solely is it a heck of tons of fun, attempting these serves conjointly promotes the event of ‘touch’ and spin.

  1. Control your Temper:

After you are losing in a very match, or have lost many shots in a row, do not get mad, get even. Ask yourself what has to be done in order to beat the opponent that’s plaguing your game.

Then attempt the solution. If it does not work, do it once more. Till the match is over, you must ne’er quit. If it’s your turn to serve, then you’re allotted a reasonable quantity of your time per serve to attend and assume things over before you toss the ball. Make the most of it.

ping pong techniques

Ping Pong Techniques

Ever wondered at how you’ll be able to “send healing energy” to a beloved or a stranger? It is so easy.First simply find best ping pong paddle according to your budget. If you’ll imagine pink table tennis balls you can be an incredible facility to others. You’ll use the Pink Ping Pong Techniques for folks close to or across the world. I will teach you ways to try to this straightforward technique in only a few minutes and you’ll use it with success for the rest of your life. 

ping pong techniques

Pink Ping Pong Techniques:

Focus for simply an instant on somebody you like. Bring them to mind and create a mental call that you would like to “send” energy to them to assist them. Great.

Now bring your attention to the very center of your skull. Imagine an area a few of inches down from the top of your head. It’s within the center; a few of inches in from the front and a few inches in from the rear. In this center, area imagines a pink Ping-Pong ball. Do not get adorned up on the “imagining” half. If you are feeling you cannot imagine (and you can–really!) then simply fake it. It’ll work even as well. Next imagine the pink Ping-Pong ball lights up to form a pleasing, pretty light.



  1. Next, bring your attention to the exact same place as your beloved. Within the center of their head imagine a pleasing, glowing pink Ping-Pong ball light. That’s it.

  2. So, we have 2 pink Ping-Pong balls lighted. One in you and one in your lover. By the way, your lover may be an animal or human. They’ll be near or way away; the technique works even as well.

  3. Next, imagine that the 2 balls are sending data to 1 another. It is important to remain out of eager to recognize what’s being transmitted. Keep out of the content of the info transfer. Simply imagine or fake they’re “speaking” back and forth for many moments or minutes. The longer you linger the more healing is activated in each you and your lover.

  4. When you are done take an instant to note how you are feeling. You will feel terribly completely different and far better. So will your lover. It is a terribly easy technique that bypasses the necessity to “figure things out” or “give advice” or “be clever”. That is the great thing about it.

  5. Get some feedback from your lover regarding what they noticed and what improved for them. Simply take what you get. For animals merely notice the enhancements you’ll see together with your own eyes. The results you get are direct and obvious.

Bottom Line:

I usually get asked concerning obtaining permission to use this method to send energy. This energy, mistreatment the image of pink Ping-Pong balls, is that the same energy of prayer. It’s prayer. one in all the fantastic things regarding praying for others is that the recipient is often on top of things of what they favor to absorb or not.

Remember that any energy sent to others that are declined comes back to you. It’s for your own use. Whoever it was that set all of this up was clever indeed! Relish.

Health Benefits of Table Tennis:

There are dozens of reasons to think about taking table tennis as a hobby or sport. Maybe you have ne’er even thought of the health benefits of table tennis, however, this sport will positively get your pulse rate up and assist you to break a sweat. The longer you play, the quicker the game becomes, and you’ll ne’er be ready to deny the health advantages once more. If you have ne’er compete, then you must look for a brand new paddle, Look for a table and a partner, then look into some ping pong videos for tips.


Fortunately, table tennis may be a low impact sport. This suggests that wounded or disabled folks might find a table tennis the right answer to an otherwise inactive lifestyle. With no contact, you’ll ne’er got to worry regarding aggravating a recent injury, and you’ll definitely ne’er get new ones. Add that the competitive feeling of the sport, and you’ve got one thing that beats a walk on the treadmill any day.


Health Benefits of Table Tennis


Health Benefits of Table Tennis:

Just about anyone will play, actually. There aren’t age boundaries, as kids will quite simply pick up the rules of the sport. Senior citizens conjointly realize that the game is light enough on their muscles and joints that make it the right way to stay active after different sports are out of the question. Even people who haven’t compete before realize that a small amount of instruction, or perhaps ping pong videos, will set them on the correct path pretty quickly. There might not be an enormous competition in the future, however, there are dozens of health benefits!


When you take into thought all of the healthy positives that accompany table tennis, you may even forget to require the mental aspects into consideration. Like several sports, table tennis will greatly increase hand to eye coordination. The longer you play the game, the quicker you’ll be ready to move. Once you’ve got perfected the coordination side, you’ll begin to assume on a deeper level, set up ways, and revel in outmaneuvering your opponent.


Bottom Line:

With the numerous advantages that table tennis can give, you must be planning to choose up the game A.S.A.P. Head to your native sporting store, buy some paddles and table tennis balls, select some tutorial ping pong videos, then get to work on mastering a brand new game for your body and your mind.


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