Ping Pong Strategies

Need to raise your game to new heights? Here are 9 of the best ping pong strategies you can use to dominate your adversaries:

9 Best Ping Pong Strategies:

Ping Pong Strategies

  1. Mix Up Serves of Various Length & Spin:

Some samples of advanced serves embody medium-long, deep, short, down-the-line, pure spin, pure speed, etc. Serves to the elbow tend to be terribly effective since the receiver should quickly decide (and usually doesn’t in time) to use a forehand or backhand.

  1. Develop a Third-Ball Attack:

This can be wherever you serve, the receiver receives, and you nail one sure a winner. An example may be a short spin serve, followed by an extended push, then a strong loop.

  1. Attack Whenever You’ll be Able to:

Totally on an extended serve. It’s been proved that the player to open the offense most frequently sometimes wins the point, set, and match.

  1. Keep your eyes Totally on the Opponent’s Paddle once Receiving a Serve?

If you have ever seen World Champion Jan-Ove Waldner play, you’ll be able to see that he makes a fast glimpse at however high the ball is tossed, then watches backtrack to the racket. If you keep your eyes on the ball, the server can baffle you together with his deceptions.

  1. Mix up your returns once receiving:

Most players too typically tend to push, permitting their opponents to start out the offense. Combining up loops, drives, pushes, chops, etc. provides for wonderful variation and a baffled opponent.

  1. Choose your Equipment Wisely:

If you’re prepared for Ping-Pong equipment, begin with a medium-fast blade (rather than fast). A medium-fast blade permits you to rely more on technique than on equipment to induce the ball over the net. It’ll additionally give optimum management.

The foremost necessary consideration for a blade, however, is that it provides good “feeling.” As for rubber try and get the “beginner” types for the start. The explanation for this can be as a result of beginner rubbers are designed with less spin and speed, and this interprets into easier returns of spiny balls.

Attempting to return a sidespin serve will be a hair-pulling expertise for a beginner if he/she uses a very spiny rubber.

  1. Forehands are the Way to Go:

To hit forehands where you’re on the table, you may get to develop good side-to-side footwork. However it ne’er hurts to figure more on your backhand so your opponent will not understand what hit him/her after you blast that down the road backhand smash!

The most effective players are invariably two-winged or having the ability to attack nearly equally well on each hand.

  1. Find Some Cool Serves to Experiment with:

Examples embrace a high, serious backspin serve that bounces on your aspect close to the net, on the opponent’s aspect close to the net, and goes back over to your aspect.

Otherwise, you will approach twenty feet to the aspect of the table and, standing sideways, nail the ball on the aspect in order that it arcs back to the table and opponent. Not solely is it a heck of tons of fun, attempting these serves conjointly promotes the event of ‘touch’ and spin.

  1. Control your Temper:

After you are losing in a very match, or have lost many shots in a row, do not get mad, get even. Ask yourself what has to be done in order to beat the opponent that’s plaguing your game.

Then attempt the solution. If it does not work, do it once more. Till the match is over, you must ne’er quit. If it’s your turn to serve, then you’re allotted a reasonable quantity of your time per serve to attend and assume things over before you toss the ball. Make the most of it.

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