Ping Pong Techniques

Ever wondered at how you’ll be able to “send healing energy” to a beloved or a stranger? It is so easy.First simply find best ping pong paddle according to your budget. If you’ll imagine pink table tennis balls you can be an incredible facility to others. You’ll use the Pink Ping Pong Techniques for folks close to or across the world. I will teach you ways to try to this straightforward technique in only a few minutes and you’ll use it with success for the rest of your life. 

ping pong techniques

Pink Ping Pong Techniques:

Focus for simply an instant on somebody you like. Bring them to mind and create a mental call that you would like to “send” energy to them to assist them. Great.

Now bring your attention to the very center of your skull. Imagine an area a few of inches down from the top of your head. It’s within the center; a few of inches in from the front and a few inches in from the rear. In this center, area imagines a pink Ping-Pong ball. Do not get adorned up on the “imagining” half. If you are feeling you cannot imagine (and you can–really!) then simply fake it. It’ll work even as well. Next imagine the pink Ping-Pong ball lights up to form a pleasing, pretty light.



  1. Next, bring your attention to the exact same place as your beloved. Within the center of their head imagine a pleasing, glowing pink Ping-Pong ball light. That’s it.

  2. So, we have 2 pink Ping-Pong balls lighted. One in you and one in your lover. By the way, your lover may be an animal or human. They’ll be near or way away; the technique works even as well.

  3. Next, imagine that the 2 balls are sending data to 1 another. It is important to remain out of eager to recognize what’s being transmitted. Keep out of the content of the info transfer. Simply imagine or fake they’re “speaking” back and forth for many moments or minutes. The longer you linger the more healing is activated in each you and your lover.

  4. When you are done take an instant to note how you are feeling. You will feel terribly completely different and far better. So will your lover. It is a terribly easy technique that bypasses the necessity to “figure things out” or “give advice” or “be clever”. That is the great thing about it.

  5. Get some feedback from your lover regarding what they noticed and what improved for them. Simply take what you get. For animals merely notice the enhancements you’ll see together with your own eyes. The results you get are direct and obvious.

Bottom Line:

I usually get asked concerning obtaining permission to use this method to send energy. This energy, mistreatment the image of pink Ping-Pong balls, is that the same energy of prayer. It’s prayer. one in all the fantastic things regarding praying for others is that the recipient is often on top of things of what they favor to absorb or not.

Remember that any energy sent to others that are declined comes back to you. It’s for your own use. Whoever it was that set all of this up was clever indeed! Relish.

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